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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions


  1. Euroncia Travel & Tours presumes that you are of sufficient legal age to use the website and create binding legal obligations.
  2.  You may not assign convey or delegate your rights duties and obligations entered with EURONCIA TRAVEL & TOURS.
  3.  EURONCIA TRAVEL & TOURS reserve the right to accept or decline any traveler on any trip, before or during the trip should such person’s mental or physical condition impede the operation of the service or the rights, welfare or enjoyment of other travelers. In this case a refund of the unused Fund services is the limit of EURONCIA TRAVEL & TOURS liability to the traveler removed. We also reserve the right to alter or modify the itinerary of any tour or relocate accommodation if schedules, security matters and/or events beyond our control make such alteration necessary.
  4.  You require a passport valid for at least the duration of your trip. Visa requirements are subject to change without notice and we recommend you check with the appropriate embassy or consulate. Travelers are responsible for ensuring they have the correct visas and documents. Malaria is endemic in some parts of Africa and precautions must be taken. It is recommended you visit your primary physician or local travel clinic to review any medications or recommended inoculations. Be sure to carry your inoculation certificate with you as proof of inoculations. If you are concerned about taking any medications, check with your physician before you book your trip.
  5.  EURONCIA TRAVEL & TOURS are a tour/travel operator and we are not aircraft carriers, car hire operators, or keepers of hotels, lodges or other accommodation. EURONCIA TRAVEL & TOURS will arrange reservations for car rental, accommodation and other travel services only as your agent and you will be subject to these terms and conditions and additional ones applicable for the particular service that you may purchase and those of each of the suppliers of such services. EURONCIA TRAVEL & TOURS do not accept any liability in relation to any service or for any loss or damage you may suffer as a result of the acts omissions or defaults of any supplier or other third party.
  6. While all effort has been made to provide correct and up to date information at the website (http://euronciatours.com/) EURONCIA TRAVEL & TOURS do not warrant the accuracy, completeness, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of any of the content found at this site.
  7. It is expected that any complaints will be resolved to your satisfaction and within reasonable time. In the unlikely event of you remaining dissatisfied please write to us setting out your complaint in detail within 28 days of the end of the travel arrangements. 
  8.  A binding contract between you and EURONCIA TRAVEL & TOURS only comes into being after you have fulfilled any terms applicable for the confirmation of a booking and your reservation has been accepted and a confirmation advice issued to you through e-mail. The date of the contract is the date that appears on the confirmation advice email.
  9. Where you have a contract, this contract will be governed by the laws of the country in which the services you require will be rendered and will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that country.
  10. EURONCIA TRAVEL & TOURS reserve the right to increase or decrease prices quoted at the site at any time before your booking is made and confirmed.
  11. While all precautions are taken to ensure your safety and enjoyment such services as you may purchase, EURONCIA TRAVEL & TOURS and/or its agents and suppliers shall not be liable for: death, injury, delay, loss or damage arising from any cause and in any manner whatsoever; change of itinerary; acts of terrorism, acts of God or government; neglect, accident, error or omission caused by any of these suppliers or independent contractors, their employees, representatives; or, any event beyond the control of EURONCIA TRAVEL & TOURS.
  12. The hazards of travel may give rise to some risks and dangers including those inherent in travel by boat, train, road, vehicles, aircraft or other means including loss of luggage and delay or cancellation of flights, the forces of nature, political unrest, and accident or illness in remote regions without means of rapid evacuation or medical facilities. You are advised to take out adequate travel insurance against such risks through any other party.
  13. All baggage is carried at the traveler’s own risk and where applicable EURONCIA TRAVEL & TOURS reserve the right to exclude certain baggage at its discretion.

  14. EURONCIA TRAVEL & TOURS may at any time modify these terms and your use of the services at the website is conditional upon the terms in force at the time of your use.