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What is the typical group size of the tours and safaris?

In most cases we shall pair you with other travelers up to a maximum of seven persons. We however give consideration to families of more than 4 to travel in their own vehicle. Persons may also request for a private safari which will be arranged at a supplement.

What is the General Fitness Level of Tours and Safaris?

Depending on what activities you would like to participate in, the general fitness levels vary. If you would like to enjoy bush walks and other sporting activities like hiking and boating, an average to good fitness level is required. Game drives, on the other hand, require minimal fitness.

What kind of clothes should I pack for my trip to Kenya?

Kenya is quite a conservative country. In many parts of the country, shorts and short skirts are frowned upon, so always make sure that you do not flash too much skin. Due to the climate, cotton shirts, sweaters, t-shirts and slacks are great clothing items that should be brought along.

Nights are often chilly, so bring along fleece tops, a windbreaker and jacket. Socks and good walking shoes are essential. Pale colours such as tan or olive are best, but camouflage clothes are illegal in many parts of Africa, so steer clear. A sun hat with a large brim, sunglasses and a sunscreen are important. Travel light and bring along clothes that do not take hours to dry and fits easily into your bags.

Yes we do. The places you will be staying offer a variety of menus ranging from vegetarian, vegan and non vegetarian. Where there are dietary restrictions due to medical reasons, please advise us in advance so that we can make necessary arrangements ahead of your visit.


Most travelers can purchase entry Visa on arrival at the airport or border crossing at a cost of US$ 50 cash. Travelers are advised to ensure they are given a receipt for Visa purchase.

We however advise that to save line-up time at the airport or border crossing, we recommend that you obtain visas in advance of travel from the particular embassy located in your country.

If prior to your arrival in East Africa you have gone through countries that have yellow fever and cholera prevalence, then you will need anti yellow fever and anti cholera shots. You will also need anti malaria medication. For more accurate and up to date information, please visit the respective embassies for the countries you wish to visit.