Maasai Mara

10 Things to Avoid Doing While on Your Wild Safari – Kenya

For the regular vacationer, safari in the wild Kenya can be mastered art. For the new holiday maker, however, some of the tips for safari in the Kenyan wild may yet be a new technique. A perfect holiday is a flawless one and learning to avoid these mistakes can be a great start towards mastering […]

Exploring the Wild Kenyan North – Samburu

The Samburu National Reserve is a rare gem. The poeticism associated with it reveals an esoteric wild that is eerily untapped. Despite the title of this excerpt, there is a soft spot in the Samburu wild as the national reserve is home to the reputable lioness, Kamunyak, that adopted Oryx calves. Samburu National Reserve is […]

mount Kilimanjaro

Amboseli National Park Africa Safari – Kenya

One of the highlights of Africa Safari is the Amboseli National Park safari in Kenya. The Amboseli Safari offers a good view of the snow-capped Mt. Kilimanjaro not to mention the elephant herds grazing the meadow plains.  The Amboseli safari also includes bird watching. Watching the pelicans, cranes and the assorted species of raptors is […]

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  • Ngorongoro
  • african wildlife migration

Facts About African wildlife Migration

Migration The African safari expedition offers an overload of sensory ad visual gratification for the inquisitive explorer. For any day tripper saving for a holiday destination, Africa is a recommended eclectic bundle. Packed with adrenaline pumped action, exquisite views of the wild, nations with sundry cultures and lifestyles, the breath-taking savanna, and the incredible wildlife, […]