One of the highlights of Africa Safari is the Amboseli National Park safari in Kenya. The Amboseli Safari offers a good view of the snow-capped Mt. Kilimanjaro not to mention the elephant herds grazing the meadow plains.  The Amboseli safari also includes bird watching. Watching the pelicans, cranes and the assorted species of raptors is indeed an experience to relish. It is for these reasons that the Amboseli National Park is an archetypal safari destination legendary not only in Kenya but also in Africa.

The Amboseli National Park is approximately 240 km southeast of Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. The park covers an area of 392km2. The richly cultured Maasai people are the local inhabitants of the Amboseli and therefore raises the mood for the safari. The protected area of the Amboseli National Park is inhabited by diverse wildlife including: cape buffalos, lions, impala, cheetah, hyena, the Maasai giraffe, zebra, African bush elephants, assorted species of birds as well as the blue wildebeests. The presence of all this wildlife should make Amboseli a top holiday destination. The roads are navigable during the dry season but vacationers must beware of inaccessible roads in some of the areas of the park during the wet seasons, consult with the safari service providers beforehand

For day-trippers seeking convenient accommodation facilities, the Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge is a recommended location to book. The facility is but a continuation to your safari as the legendary big five game wander around the lodge. The maasai-themed lodge offers a feel of the local experience. Incredibly so, the rooms are positioned in a manner that all of them have a clear view of the park. Another accommodation facility to consider is the Amboseli Sopa Lodge. The lodge, which is an easy distance from the park, is exceptionally seated at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro.

The most popular Safari package in most of the Amboseli safari service providers is the 3 days 2 nights’ travel plan. The first day is the arrival day with a few hours saved for safari. The second day is a full day game drive and the third day has some time set for safari before departure. Charges may differ according to service providers but most of the packages include meals and accommodation.

Amboseli Safari from Nairobi Safari pick-ups are usually from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport or a preferred hotel within the city. The departure time will be so such that you can arrive at the park in time for lunch, preparation and familiarization to the safari rules and responsibilities as well as dinner later in the day. As vacationers plan the perfect getaway in the Amboseli, it is important protecting the environment and the wildlife more importantly. There are rules to guide and to protect vacationers in pursuit of the perfect holiday safari experience.